Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,

Two thoughts (that I posted to Facebook, and want to post here, too.)

1. Any regularly-repeating phenomenon has a frequency which can be measured in hertz. Musical notes are frequencies. Therefore, according to my math, the Earth orbits at a seriously flat C#, 33 octaves below middle C.

2. The folktale of The Little Red Hen, which many of us know as one of the first "Little Golden Books" for early readers we ever read, is basically the same plot as ATLAS SHRUGGED.

Edited to Add: By the way -- you may remember that I once posted about a lecture by Bill Barclay on "Why the 'music of the spheres' is kind of a real thing." The first point there was one of the basic premises.

The other observations were that Platonic harmonies are integer ratios between frequencies -- a major third actually IS two notes one of which is at a frequency one-third of the other -- and that objects in orbital relationships will, over enough time and interaction with one another, tidally lock into integer ratios.

Thus, if we had the capacity to "hear" frequencies as low as, say, the orbit of Neptune, and could "hear" it over astronomical deep time, we might "hear" it starting out discordant, and gradually falling into some sort of incredibly complex cosmic harmony as everything interacted on each other to pull into integral relationships.

Just a weird little way to think about things.
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