Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,


So, Lis has been playing this game on her phone called "Triple Town", which is a puzzle game where you are given different elements and you line them up and when you line up three of the same thing in a row, they're replaced with a single item of a higher level. Like, if you line up three trees, you get one house, and then if you line up three houses, you get something else -- I don't know the details. But it's a puzzle game where you're trying to plan out where you put each thing to get the final thing, several layers later, where you want it.

She had a dream last night that she was playing a Triple Town Night Vale version. "So, I was getting frustrated because I couldn't figure out why the three bloodstones wouldn't turn into a new item, but then I realized that I needed to add a sense of shame ..."
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