Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,
Xiphias Gladius

Oh, G-d. . .

John M. Ford died early this morning.

He was the beloved of elisem. And beloved of, well, pretty much everyone else, too.

Um. Some of you on my friends list knew -- and, really, know -- him really well. And some of you have no clue who I'm talking about.
Well, if you've got the INWO card "Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow", he's one of the people on the card.

He wrote the best Star Trek novel ever written, after which Paramount wouldn't let him write any more of 'em (How Much for Just the Planet?). I may be making up that second part, but, if so, I don't care. I'm quite willing to tell amusing lies about him.

He wrote the Discworld GURPS supplement. He wrote several of the really GOOD Paranoia supplements (Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues, Double Paranoia). GURPS Time Travel is his.

He would, at cons, have a thing called "Ask Dr. Mike", where he would answer questions on Evil Geniusery from the audience. Leila, I got advice from him on suggestions for your career -- I said that you were an Evil Genius and were considering a career as a either Criminal Mastermind or a Mad Scientist, and asked for advice on which one you should do.

I really only met him in the flesh a couple times. And I'm going to miss the hell out of him, anyway. I think everyone who ever met him is going to miss the hell out of him. I think a hell of a lot of people who have NEVER met him are going to miss the hell out of him.

All I'm saying is, if you never met him, you really OUGHT to miss the hell out of him. If you have met him, you don't need me to tell you so.
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