Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,
Xiphias Gladius

You know, there are two kinds of wants/plans/dreams

You can have two types of a dream. You can have the thing that you want, but you don't REALLY have any intention of pursuing. Oh, you may make tentative steps toward it, you may take classes in related fields, you may TELL people what you're planning, but, really, you're not going to do anything about it.

And that's fine.

And then there's the other kind: the one that you actually work to make happen.

They're both fine things to have. The first one is something that you have to keep your mind interested, to help your brain play. It's a perfectly good thing to have as a hobby, as a daydream. Nothing wrong with it.

The second type has a lot more risk with it, much more work, and a much, much greater chance of getting hurt.

Incidentally, one of the side-effects of depression, at least for me, was that I was ONLY able to have that first kind of dream, and I wasn't able to have the second kind until I got it treated. Living with Lis also helped with that: she comes from a family which almost EXCLUSIVELY uses that second kind of dream, so, if I'd say something like, "Boy, it'd be cool to fly and become president of the world," she'd start looking up rocket-powered hang-glider designs and work out practical ways to control government leaders.

My dream -- which has swapped from Class 1 to Class 2 for me -- is to create a bar or club or some such, using my bartending skills, to, in effect, make a real-world Callahan's Bar.

Currently, my steps are to try to move into positions of more authority and responsibility in the beverage industry, which would start with getting an actual bar, restaurant, or club job, rather than the current function work (which, don't get me wrong, I really enjoy, but I've learned about what I can from it).

And so I listen to other people's ideas, too.

So, at the moment, I know of two people in my friends circle who want to open up nightclubs. One of them seems to just like the idea and talks about it occasionally. The other has financing, a business plan, and a lease agreement.

I just poked the second person to see if he needs a beverage manager. . .
Tags: bartending, my mind, philosophy
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