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From playing slash last night... - Bartender Geek [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Xiphias Gladius

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From playing slash last night... [Jan. 20th, 2014|11:40 am]
Xiphias Gladius
"I honestly don't see how you can match Tesla with anybody OTHER than the Bride of Frankenstein. I mean, there's literally a Tesla coil RIGHT THERE in the lab."

"Well, she's already with Frankenstein's Monster."

"Not by CHOICE. And anyway, we already established that Frankenstein's Monster has gone off with Darkwing Duck."


"Sure, I totally agree that Mal Reynolds, Han Solo, and Rick Blaine have a lot in common. I can see them all hanging out, fighting evil empires, smuggling things, and flying things. But I just don't see the ROMANCE. But I've got to agree with the argument that Mal has sparks with both the feminine beauty of Inara and the rugged masculinity of Jayne, and, yeah, he gets BOTH with He-Man."

[User Picture]From: tavella
2014-01-20 11:19 pm (UTC)
Heh! That sounds like fun.
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