Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,
Xiphias Gladius

On "Opera Vita Aeterna", the Vox Day work that got nominated for a Hugo

Theodore Beale, also known as "Vox Day", is a SF/fantasy author and all-around horrible person. One of his works, "Opera Vita Aeterna" was just nominated for a Hugo award; Vox Day has made it freely available to read here:

There has been some discussion about voting for this work: should it be judged on its own merits, or does the general hatefulness of Beale mean that Hugo voters should just reject it out of hand because Beale's odiousness automatically taints whatever he made?

Anyway, I just read it, and I offer the following blurbs, if Vox Day wants to use them for back cover quotes:
Better than "Eye of Argon"!
Almost certainly not the least deserving work ever nominated for a Hugo (especially if you count joke nominations)
Few spelling errors, and most of the words are used correctly!
Boy, that Theodore Beale sure knows what adjectives are!
Would probably have gotten a passing grade in my high school fiction writing class

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