Xiphias Gladius (xiphias) wrote,
Xiphias Gladius

Something I hadn't anticipated with our cats...

So, you know how, generally, if you have two cats, one is good at "smart" and one is good at "cat"? Occasionally, you get one that's good at both, but if so, the other one is good at neither.

Before Nora died, she was the one that was good at "cat", and Nicky was the one that was good at science. We adopted small, and, somehow, we made the assumption that she would be the one that was good at "cat".

What we didn't realize was that she is one of those cats that is good at both. We pulled out one of those brain teaser puzzles where you put treats inside, and your pet -- they're made for dogs, and the big ones are too big for a cat to manipulate, but the small ones are fine for cats, too -- figures out how to get the treats out. And small worked it out just as fast as Nick did.

We have two smart cats.

We are doomed. Both cats are demanding of affection and treats; both cats can figure out how to get into stuff.

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